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Launch proudly

Hi everyone,

I also participated in this year's hackathon and have done so in the past. I won the 2009 Hackathon and was a semi-finalist in the 2010 AppQuest so I'm not stranger to Salesforce's hackathon and "startup" events.

There are obvious and reputable claims that certainly disqualify some of the apps that were entered into the hackathon but with only 5 winners, there were going to be over 100 losers.

Even if Salesforce does a rejudging, there will be some unhappy people. We had the privilege of working next to some very talented and dedicated teams and I know everyone poured their heart and soul into their submissions. I encourage you to share your videos with the public and better yet, launch your apps! If it is an app you thought worthy of building, it will have a chance in the App Store regardless of your standing in the hackathon.

Another detail we became aware of: ChallengePost briefly showed ALL the applications for a few minutes the night of the deadline after 6pm. There were 149 visible submissions. It is unfortunate that they have not made all 149 submissions public after announcing the winners.

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    So there were only 150 submissions? And that couldn't be judged in the OPEN? I was at Facebook last week with about 50 submissions and they did the hard work and we sat through them all. And all that was on the line was an iPad and meeting good people.

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