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"A mobile application usable by the judges"

The official rules state entries should consist of:

1. A mobile application usable by the judges
2. Login Credentials to the salesforce developer environment
3. Max 250 word description
4. 2 min Video
5. Link to working Source Code

..How can I provide Item 1? Do the judges request a build of the app which can be downloaded from the internet onto their devices directly? Or will having a link to the sourcecode suffice?

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  • Manager   •   about 10 years ago

    Depends on the application. If it is native Force.com or Salesforce1, or even web app - we can login with credentials (and any additional URL we might need). If it is a native app, it is best to give us a working project that can be compiled. If it is Android, you could include an APK file that can be side loaded.

    For native apps you can also add info@developerforce.com and joshua.birk@salesforce.com to a TestFlight account.

    (Response written by Josh @ Salesforce)

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